Learning how to modify makeup for paler skin

Over time many Australians have opted to avoid sun exposure for health reasons and have begun to embrace their natural skin tones. It can be more challenging to apply makeup on pale skin as it tends to highlight any imperfections. Here are some tips. 

A great face starts at the base

Pale skin can often show small blemishes and dry spots more dramatically. This makes it extra important to have great skin care, including the right cleansers and moisturisers. A beauty therapist can often be a great resource to help people understand how to best care for their skin in between makeup applications. Choosing a hydrating and soothing base before applying makeup can also help to get the perfect 'flawless' finish. 

A perfect foundation shade

Finding the right shade of foundation can be extra challenging for any with a skin tone that doesn't match the common 'beige' shades of mainstream makeup brands. It can be useful to try some less common brands including brands from overseas. There is also a growing range of brands offering lightening and darkening drops which can help to get a foundation that is close to being right to match the shade that is required. 

A light hand

Many of the gorgeous tones and shades in vivid colours that are popular can still be used with very pale skin. This tends to require a very light and precise hand to get the right effect. It can be a great idea to watch makeup tutorials at home and practise a lot with new looks to see what looks are cost effective. It can also be useful to get some professional help from a beauty school. They can help people to learn both dramatic looks and more subtle day to day looks that still accentuate the makeup wearer's features. 

Products by season

It can be a good idea to check skin products throughout the year as most people may have a slight change in skin colour over the seasons. It can be a great idea to use lightening or darkening drops because these allow subtle variations of colour. 

If you are not confident on the best way to apply makeup to pale skin, it can be a good idea to do a makeup course. This can help people to gain confidence and explore different makeup looks while making the most of their natural features, including their skin tone.