4 Reasons to Use Incense Oil Instead of Incense Sticks

Incense can be used to quickly fill a room with a certain aroma, making it perfect for anything from general relaxation to professional aromatherapy. Most people will understand the importance of selecting the right aroma, but you should also give thought to whether you want to use incense sticks or incense oil.

Here are just four reasons why you should use oils.

1. No Smoke

Incense sticks are made by rolling paste around a short length of combustible material. When the stick is ignited, it slowly simmers away, releasing aroma-infused smoke. Unfortunately, many people dislike the presence of smoke. It can irritate the eyes and provide an unpleasant appearance for the room you're in. It may also set off smoke alarms. Incense oil is placed in a special dish, and then a candle is lit beneath it.  The oil starts to evaporate into the air when it is heated, so the aroma is spread around the room without any smoke being produced.

2. Minimal Clean-up

When you heat up essential oils, those oils will evaporate away until there is nothing left in the original container. You then need only blow out the candle beneath to be done with the clean-up procedure. Since incense sticks burn away, they will leave quite a lot of ash. That ash will need to be cleaned up immediately; if it is knocked onto carpet or furniture, it's going to leave an ugly mark.

3. Ability to Combine

This might not be a consideration for complete incense novices, but one of the great things about using oils instead of sticks is that you can combine them to create different aromas. This is often fantastic for advanced aromatherapy. Unfortunately, it's not something that you can do with incense sticks. The best option here would be to light two at once, but the smoke would almost certainly prove overpowering.

4. Subtler Aroma

Incense sticks tend to be used in large temple complexes. This is because their scent is very strong, so it's perfect for infused larger spaces with a certain aroma – the same effect would usually demand a lot of oil to be heated. That's all well and good for larger buildings, but you will probably find that using oils for your home is a better option. They will produce a subtler aroma as the oil evaporates, while the aroma from incense sticks can quickly become quite overwhelming.