Tips to Applying Gel Nail Polish Like a Pro

The latest trend in nail care is the use of gel nail polish. However, a mistake some people make is assuming that using this nail polish is the same as regular nail polish, only to be sorely disappointed when their DIY application looks nothing like professionally polished nails. The truth is using gel polish requires some tips and tricks to ensure a perfect manicure. Here are a few of those tips to help you apply gel nail polish like a professional!

Tip 1: Start off with clean nails

A mistake some people make when applying gel polish is not thoroughly cleaning their nails. Instead, once they are done buffing, they simply blow away the fine nail filings and begin the application process. Even the smallest amount of debris on your fingers will impact the finish of the gel nail polish. Therefore, once you are done buffing your nails, you should thoroughly wipe them down using a lint-free cloth that has been moistened with some spirit.

Tip 2: Apply lotion around your cuticles

Before you begin you gel polish manicure, take the time to carefully apply lotion around your cuticles. Take measures to ensure that none of the lotion makes its way to your actual nail, as this will affect the gel polish. The lotion functions to protect your cuticles from the gel polish when you are applying it to your nails.

Tip 3: Apply the gel polish with short strokes

When using regular nail polish, long strokes are a great way to finish your manicure in a short time. Nevertheless, this technique is not suitable when applying gel polish. Since gel polish can wreak havoc on your cuticles, it is crucial to try to be as precise as possible. Thus, short strokes would be better for your application as you will be able to control your brush strokes. Moreover, short strokes also make it easier for you to get an even finish without messing up the finish.

Tip 4: Apply thin layers of gel polish

Another common technique some people will use when applying regular nail polish is using thick coats to make the colour consistency denser. This will not work with gel polish as thick layer will peel off prematurely once it dries. In addition to this, excessive gel polish on the brush can lead to it pooling on your cuticles and this can prove to be quite difficult to remove. Instead, you should apply thin coats of the gel polish and repeat the process as needed to achieve your desired colour density.

For more information about nail polish, contact a local business.