Getting Acne Facials at a Spa: What to Expect When You Go for Your First Visit

Many people are quick to rush to a dermatologist when they are breaking out with mild acne, yet a skin therapist or aesthetician at a local spa can provide effective facial treatment to rid you of the breakouts and cleanse the skin. If you are contemplating visiting a spa for acne facial treatment, and you've never undergone such treatment before, you may not have a clue about what to expect and how to prepare for your first facial.

Almost all acne facials involve the following basic procedures: 


This is the first and most important step of acne facial treatment because it provides an opportunity for you to let the aesthetician know about your specific skin care priorities and concerns. Aside from that, the aesthetician will need to closely examine your skin, so don't be surprised when they ask you to cleanse your face and get under a magnifying lamp so they can 'read' your skin. 

By examining the acne on your face with great detail, your aesthetician will be able to determine whether or not they are able to treat the problem. Good aestheticians know that moderate to severe cases of acne breakouts should be left to dermatologists and will therefore advise you to see one. But if you are simply suffering from mild acne, they will recommend that you get started with the treatment process.

Deep cleansing 

Steaming is usually performed to stimulate circulation and soften the skin for maximum extraction of key and active ingredients. Antibacterial facial products are often used to prevent acceleration of acne breakouts. 


This is the extraction process whereby key and active ingredients are removed from the skin. Your aesthetician will use a suitable extraction technique, based upon your skin sensitivity levels. 


Once they have thwarted acne flare-ups, your aesthetician will give you a facial massage to help relax the face. They will make sure they choose moisturising products that are gentle on your skin. 


After giving you a facial massage, your aesthetician will apply a healing mask onto your face. The mask is incorporated with ingredients that are meant to nourish your face and prevent any further acne flare-ups.

Finishing touch

Your aesthetician will remove the healing mask and apply moisturising or cosmetic products to leave you with vibrant facial skin.

Spa-based acne facials are most effective when they are part of an on-going skin care program, so make sure you get your facials regularly.