Getting Acne Facials at a Spa: What to Expect When You Go for Your First Visit

Many people are quick to rush to a dermatologist when they are breaking out with mild acne, yet a skin therapist or aesthetician at a local spa can provide effective facial treatment to rid you of the breakouts and cleanse the skin. If you are contemplating visiting a spa for acne facial treatment, and you've never undergone such treatment before, you may not have a clue about what to expect and how to prepare for your first facial. [Read More]

4 Habits That May Hinder the Success of Anti-Ageing Treatments

Some inexperienced people may keep wondering why they are not getting optimum results from the anti-ageing treatments that they are receiving. Such people may not know that some of their daily habits could be sabotaging the anti-ageing treatment. This article discusses some of those bad habits that you should avoid in order to get better results from your anti-ageing treatment. Not Exfoliating Exfoliation is important for someone receiving any anti-ageing treatment. [Read More]